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ADVANCELL EM is the thermal expandable microsphere under development by Sekisui Chemical Company, containing the liquid hydrocarbon of low boiling point in a thermoplastic polymer cell. ADVANCELL EM becomes a balloon with hollow inside by the heated expansion of the contained liquid hydrocarbon of low boiling point and simultaneously by the softening of the thermoplastic shell. The balloons with hollow make a closed-cell structure. The temperature to start expansion and the cell size, etc. can be optimized by selecting appropriate grades.
ADVANCELL EM can be used as various types of blowing agents to for inks and paints.
  Various foams (Acrylic, Epoxy, Rubber, Silicon, etc.)  
Expansion at lower temperature, i.e. 110-150°C makes it possible to lower the processing temperature of products.
Basic Properties
  After expansion, ADVANCELL EM becomes very light balloon*1 with hollow inside, which brings the following characteristics:
  ・Creating a closed-cell structure
  ・Expandable even in the low-viscosity composition
  ・Cell size can be controlled by selecting the type of particle.

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