advancell HB

advancell HB 模式図

ADVANCELL HB is a unique porous acrylic microsphere which has many micro-hollow spaces. Porous microspheres offer these advantages.

Low Density:50% porosity= density 0.5 g/cm3
High Strength:withstands 30 MPa or greater (at 50% porosity)

It disperses without breaking even in matrix with hard materials such as ceramics.

Advancell HB Applications

Application Example 1: Ceramic Porosifier

Advancell HB Functionality

Ease Burn Off/Weight Reduction/Low Density Prosifier


  • Less energy required by reducing the burn off temperature or shorter process time possible
  • Ease of obtaining target pore size
  • Less risk of cracking caused by over-heating

Advancell HB Heat Decomposition Property

Application Exampl 2: Weight Reduction of Resin/Coating, or Light Diffusion Application

Advancell HB Applications

Weight Reduction/Light Diffusion/Matting Agent/Liquid Absorption

Advancell HB Weight Reduction Effect

Glass Balloon
Inorganic, low physical strength
High strength organic microspheres, excellent weight reduction effect

Advancell HB Light Diffusion Application

Light diffusion at the surfaceRefraction at surface+inside


  • Achieve weight reduction and light diffusion
  • Matt effect possible even with flat substrate
  • Able to store solvent in the hollow space
  • Excellent solvent resistance


GradeAverage Particle Size
( % )
( g/cm3 )
HB-2051ca.20µmca.50%ca.0.5dry powder
HB-4051ca.40µmca.50%ca.0.5dry powder

All values shown in the table mentioned above are not guranteed specification limit.

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