Out line - What is ADVANCELL

ADVANCELL is a functional microsphere which was developed using SEKISUI's well-known microsphere manufacturing technology. By incorporating various characteristics on its structure, we make it possible to obtain excellent functionality to various applications, such as plastic molding, wall paper, coatings, and multi hollow ceramics. Within this page, you will be able to find a variety of different grades of microspheres including grades still under development.
ADVANCELL EM  Expandable Microspheres When heated, it will expand 30 to 80 times its size and create a spherical balloon.
ADVANCELL HB  Multi Hallow Microsphere This microsphere was developed with many hollows in it. Therefore it contains less resin content and will reduce the heat generation.
ADVANCELL NS  Cross-Linked Nano-sphere This Nano-sphere has a particle size in the sub micron range (Ca. 150nm) and because it is cross-linked has excellent physical strength and solvent resistance.

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