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Sekisui PVC-HA is a post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.
It offers improved heat resistance without sacrificing the excellent performance of polyvinyl chloride.
There are a variety of grades, from medium heat resistance grade to high heat resistance grade, and also a high flow grade, all with heat resistance characteristics required for a wide range of applications.
Compounds(Sekisui Compounds SH/EH series) are available,made of HA.


Industrial sheet - It has so excellent transparency & chemical resistance that one of the applications is industrial sheet
(ex. Semiconductor equipment)
Heat Flame resistant films and Heat resistant cards
Automobile Parts - Because of high heat resistance,it is suitable for moldings(ex. weather strips)
Heat resistant pipes & Heat resistant fittings
Applications for PVC-HA

Special Features

Heat resistance:

The heat deflection temperature is from 10'C to 40'C higher than that of normal PVC, and it is also resistant to hot water .
Properties and technical data
 > data 1

Mechanical strength : Excellent tensile strength and rigidity at high temperatures . Properties and technical data > data 2data 3data 4data 5data 6
Chemical resistant: Resistant to acid, alkali, and most other chemicals in the same way as normal PVC, and this resistance is particularly good at high temperatures. Properties and technical data > data 10
Fire resistant: Better than that of normal PVC, it has the best fire retardance of any thermal plastic resin. > Applications Industrial sheet
Moldability: With just slight modifications to the molding conditions for normal PVC, all PVC molding machines can be used as is.
Workability: Bending, cutting, jointing and other operations are about as easy as PVC. Properties and technical data > data 8, data 9


Transparency Excellent Transparency, thermal stability,(low yellowing) > transparency data of industrial sheets
Wide valuation Medium Temperature Grade, High Temperature Grade & High Flow Grade are available
High Impact Grade & Wood Foaming Glade are available.(Sekisui Compound)
Lot Stability The lot stability is excellent.
Excellent Service Excellent detailed services will be provided in conformity with customers requirements.
Technical Service (We have Molding Technology)
Quick Response
Product Improvement
Quick Delivery

Properties and technical data

1) Chlorine content and Physical Properties

2) Thermal Dependency of Tensile Strength
3) Thermal Dependency of Flexural Strength
4) Thermal Dependency of Flexural Modulus
5) Creep Characteristics

6) Impact Resistance

7) Brabender Plastgraph Kneading Characteristics
8) Melt-flow Characteristics
9) Blending Properties with PVC
10) Chemical resistant

Manufacturing Method and Structure
Types and General Characteristics

Manufacturing Method and Structure

Types and General Characteristics
Blending and Molding

Blending and Molding

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