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Impact Resistance

The impact resistance of SEKISUl PVC-HA is somewhat inferior to that of PVC, but it can be improved by adding the impact strength modifier such as ethylene惻 vinyl acetate-PVC graft copolymer, CPE, ABS, MBS, etc. Chart 1 shows SEKISUl PVC-HA's Charpy impact strength vs. addition of MBS based modifier, and Chart 2 shows the thermal dependency of SEKISUl PVC-HA's Charpy impact strength when 10 parts in weight of MBS are added.

Chart 1 Chart 2

As can be seen from Charts 1 and 2, SEKISUl PVC-HA requires addition of with 5-15 parts in weight of modifier such as MBS in order to give the same impact resistance as ordinary PVC.


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