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EVA & Vinyl Chloride Graft Copolymer

Sekisui PVC-TG is a graft copolymer that has rubber elastic EVA (ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer) as its main part, and polyvinyl chloride graft polymerized to this.
This copolymer combines the rubber elasticity and low temperature characteristics of EVA with the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of polyvinyl chloride, and by varying the content of EVA the rigidity can be changed over the range from rigid to nonrigid.

The various grades have characteristics making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The Low-EVA Grade has excellent weather resistance and is suitable for use as an impact resistant PVC. The High-EVA Grade can be used for improving the impact resistance of polyvinyl chloride resin, and as a non-migrating, non-volatile, nonrigid polyvinyl chloride resin.

Special Features

Grade Feature
Low-EVA Grade Resistance to impact: Better impact strength than ABS.
Weather Resistance: Excellent weather resistance with a low reduction in impact resistance, and low color degradation.
Workability: Excellent melt rheology makes it suitable for injection molding and contour extrusion molding of complex shapes.
Chemical Resistance: The same chemical resistance as PVC.
Fire retardant: About the same fire retardance as PVC .
High-EVA Grade
Improves PVC's
Resistance to Impact:
A grade of 5 to 30 parts relative to the PVC improves the impact resistance of the PVC. The weather resistance of such a grade is as excellent as that of the Low-EVA Grade. The workability and chemical resistance is also the same as that of the Low-EVA Grade.
Non-migration: It is an unplacticized nonrigid resin, so there is no migration or volatility.
Low Temperature Characteristics: The brittleness temperature is low, and the pliability at low temperature is excellent.
Chemical Resistance: The same or better chemical resistance as nonrigid PVC plasticized with DOP.


Grade Feature
Low-EVA Grade

It has superior impact resistance, weather resistance, and workability compared to previous PVC, making it suitable for the following applications.

Applications requiring impact resistance (impact resistant pipes, impact resistant pipe joints, impact resistant plates)
Outdoor applications (outdoor signs and poles for road signs)
Contour extrusion molding applications
Low temperature applications
Automobile parts, electrical appliances, telephone parts etc.

High-EVA Grade

It has superior low temperature characteristics compared to DOP plasticized PVC, and as it is an unplasticized nonrigid resin it does not include volatile constituents such as DOP. It is suitable for the following applications.

Nonrigid sheet, film and laser applications that require non-volatility, and no migration.
Electrical wiring.
Low temperature applications etc.

Also, it is possible to use a blend of high-EVA grade and PVC for the same applications as low-EVA grade, such as when impact resistance is required, and in outdoor applications.

Product Types and Properties

Product Types and Properties

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