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Advantages of S-LEC B/K

By Sekisui's superior manufacturing technology a wide range of product grade and stable quality among production lots are realized.
S-LEC B/K series are widely used in various industries, particularly in information technology industry.
A. Wide valuation
  Calculated molecular weights: 14,000 - 130,000
This wide range will affect strength of coat, solution viscosity, adhesion, etc.
Viscosity and Hydroxyl content
Tg(Glass transition temperature)and Hydroxyl content
  Acetal contents: 63 to - ca. 79 mol%
This will affect suppleness of coat, solvent solubility, etc.
  Glass transition temperature (Tg): 59 -110'C
The above range is available.
B. Lot Stability
The lot stability is excellent.
C. Excellent Service
Excellent detailed services will be provided in conformity with customers requirements.
Technical Service
Quick Response
Product Improvement
Quick Delivery

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