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Chemical Properties

1.Chemical Properties(crosslinkability)
S-LEC B/K is a thermoplastic resin with a solvent compatibility. However, because its molecules contain hydroxyl, it is crosslinkable, making it compatible with other resins and chemicals. Therefore, by crosslinking, you can use S-LEC B・K as an insoluble thermosetting resin. There are many examples of products in which S-LEC B・K is used together with thermosetting resins, and it is possible to achieve resins with well balanced heat resistance, adhesiveness, and flexibility. Resins or chemical reagents which react with the second hydroxyl group generally react with S-LEC B・K. Some typical formulae are shown hereunder.

1) Reaction with phenolics

2) Reaction with epoxies

3) Reaction with melamines

4)Reaction with isocyanates

5)Reaction with di-aldehydes

2. Resistance to Chemicals
Compared with other resins, S-LEC B・K is particularly resistant to alkalis, although it is attacked slightly by strong acids and strong alkalis. Its resistance to solvents can be improved by crosslinking it with other resins. When immersed in water, S-LEC B・K absorbs 5 to 8% of water, but no more. Repeated wettings and drying will not cause the coating to become fragile.


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