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S-LEC B/K is compatible with phthalate ester, phosphate ester,fatty ester, glycol derivatives and many other plasticizers, which gives a broad range of control over its physical properties.
S-LEC B/K is also crosslinkable, which gives it compatibility with many other resins including phenol, urea, melamine, epoxy and nitro-cellulose.

compatibility with plasticizers

Fatty ester has a good resistance against low temperature and makes a soft film, but its migration and water resistance are poor.
BPBG has an excellent resistance to oils and gives gloss to film, as does BBP.

compatibility with resins
*incompatible resins
Vinyl chloride resin, Vinyl chloride -Vinyl acetate copolymer, Polyester, Urethane, Coumarone-indene resin, Acrylic resin, Cellulose acetate chlorinated rubber

High Butyral content types (S-LEC B, BL-5, BL-S, BM-S, BH-S) have excellent compatibility.
It is compatible with nitrocellulose at any ratio, and is also compatible with certain vinyl resins.
It can be used as an adhesive, even when compatibility is not perfect, but we recommend a preliminary test before actual use.

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