Heat release sheet

This is the thermosetting type epoxy resin sheet with excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties. It has a high adhesive property to metal, providing excellent reliability without special preliminary treatment such as anodizing treatment. In addition, 1~3W/m*K grade sheet works well for embedding, and highly applicable for substrate inside of device components or others.

KNDJ, SH series

This is the B-stage state thermosetting type epoxy resin sheet filled with thermal conductive filler in high density.

Product lineup

Purpose Grade Thermal conductivity Form of samples Standard thickness(μm)
LED KNDJ002(Middle) 1.5 W/m・K Sheet / RCC /
Fin / MCCL
Power Module KNDJ001(High) 2.5 W/m・K Sheet / RCC /
Fin / MCCL
SH005(Super High) 4.9 W/m・K Sheet / RCC /
Fin / MCCL
Automotive (low elasticity type) LM002(Middle) 1.2 W/m・K Sheet / RCC /
Fin / MCCL

Application examples

This product is highly applicable to multilayer / metal core substrates for its excellent pattern followability and ease of embedding.

LM series (low elasticity type)

It is possible to manage solder cracking by our originally designed low-elasticity insulation layer.

Application examples

Properties of LM Series

Properties LM002 LM001 remarks
Stage M.P. Under development  
Film thickness 80μm 80μm IPC 4101
Thermal conductivity 1.2 W/m・K 2.8 W/m・K ASTM E1461
Tg 35℃ 33℃ DSC
E'(-40℃) 12,300 MPa 28,900 MPa DMA
E'(25℃) 1,600 MPa 2,600 MPa
E'(125℃) 40 MPa 20 MPa
BDV (AC) > 5kV > 4kV ASTM D149
(Test condition A)
Peeling strength 1.5 kgf/cm 1.2 kgf/cm JIS C6481
(Test condition A)
Solder thermal resistance (260℃) > 30min > 30min  
  • Heat release Fin

    This is the heat release com-
    ponent integrated with metal. It shows high heat releasing / insulation performance.
  • Heat conductive paste

    This is the heat conductive paste with high thermal conductivity.
  • White solder resist

    This is the white solder resist for LED printing circuit board.
  • Coating / Adhesive Material

    High resolution additive manufacturing with anywhere any shape (lines/circles etc.) printing.