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SEKISUI CHEMICAL is a CPVC supplier that undertakes every step from PVC polymerization to the manufacturing and selling of finished final products, such as pipes.
Durastream is the brand for SEKISUI's new CPVC compound.
SEKISUI began producing CPVC some 40 years ago. Its CPVC is a high-quality, stable product achieved as a result of the sophisticated technologies and quality controls that SEKISUI has accumulated over that long history. We also pride ourselves on providing the optimum advice from the perspective of pipe-makers.
A brand that pursues advanced technologies and services that are of genuine value in any era, and which is capable of sharing the same dreams as pipe-makers - that is Durastream.



Because it uses highlythermostable CPVC arising from SEKISUI's unique chlorination process, and a combination design that uses SEKISUI's technologies,Durastream boasts superiorformability and high productivity. Additionally, it also displays highly stable performance in terms of heat resistance, flame resistance and mechanical strength.


Durastream (SP & SF grade) is a compound that has received certification from NSF,an international product certification institution. In addition to its physical properties,NSF also verified its safety to humans, and its credibility as a pipe material is guaranteed.(Certified to NSF 61/NSF 14 standard)


Our staff members provide comprehensive support that adopts the customer's standpoint in response to every request,including not only full technical support on everything from the design,development and shaping of CPVC products, but also with regard to sales promotions for developers and designconsultants.


SEKISUI's unique raw material resin manufacturing technologies

CPVC is obtained by adding chlorine to PVC. SEKISUI's unique PVC polymerization and chlorination technology (heat chlorination manufacturing method) make it possible to manufacture chlorinated polyvinyl chloride of superior quality.

Superior mechanical strength

CPVC can be used for hot-water supply pipes up to 90°C, and it boasts high tensile strength even under high temperatures.

Heat resistance

CPVC's heat resistance is improved as a result of adding chlorine.

  • *HDT:Heat Deflection Temp.

Superior flame resistance

CPVC is a self-extinguishing resin, and so compared to other plastic ingredients it is a highly flame resistant, low smoke-producing material.

  • *LOI is the percentage of oxygen needed in the atmosphere to support the combustion of a material.
  • *Source : Flammability Handbook for Plastics.5th edition, C.J. Hildado, Technomic Publishing, 1998

Superior from a hygiene perspective

When compared to other pipe material products, CPVC inhibits bacterial growth the most (no bacterial growth in 120 days in water piping).

  • *Based on the study of Bonn University in the year 1989 "CPVC Piping supports the lowest bacterial growth compared with traditional piping systems" Dr. George Tuschewitzki
  • *Source: Privatdozent am Hygiene-Institut der Universitat Bonn; 23.10.1989