Substrate Manufacture Process

We provide vaiour materials which is indispensable for substrate manufacutre and assembly,
such as the interlayer dielectric film for build up substrate, the thermal management related products, ink jet material for die attach.

The introduction of substrate manufacture related material.

Sekisui chemical is making the substrate material more functionable in many process such as copper core, Build Up Film stacks, via, dismear, plating, solder resist coating and die attach material coating. The coating material, ink jet, can controll the printing size and shape by its 'drop on demand' feature. The interlayer dielectric film for build up substrate has the feature of low transmission lose, high insulation reliability. The heat curing epoxy sheet has an excellent followability to the pattern, as well as the thermal conductivity and insulation.

Copper Core

Copper Core

BUF Stacked

BUF Stacked

Build Up Film

Via, dismear, plating, solder resistant coating

Via, Dismear, Plating, Solder Resistant Coating.

Die Attach Material Coating

Die Attach Material Coating

Ink Jet Material

Substrate Manufacture Process Related Matierial List

… Sustainability Products

Product Feature
Inkjet Materials Ink for Coating/Adhesive Applications
[High Resolution 3D Printer (Inkjet) Material]
Printing size control ability in drop-on-demand. Product
Film Interlayer Insulating Film for Making Build-up Boards
[Heat-curing Build Up Film NX/NQ]
Low transmission loss, high insulation reliability. Product
Tape/Film Masking tape for semiconductor package substrates Tape with excellent adhesion, optical properties and easy peeling, produced in a clean environment. Suitable as a protective tape for solder resist on package substrates. Product