Heat conductive paste

This is the heat conductive paste with high thermal conductivity and fast curability.

Dispense type

This is the silicone-free and solventless type thermal conductive paste with high fluidity, applicable to overmold thermal-radiating device without bubbles, by its excellent heat release property and reliability. It is a fluid type applicable to flexible substrate.

Application examples

Verification of heat dissipation effect by thermography


Physical Property

Normal Type

High W Type


Before curing


60 Pa・s

70 Pa・s

Type B,10rpm,at 25℃


20-100 um

150 um


Curing Condition

150℃ 2h

150℃ 2h


After curing

Adhesive Strength (Al/Al)

7.5 N/mm2

5.0 N/mm2

JIS K 6850

Volume resistivity

>1010 Ω・cm

>1010 Ω・cm

IPC-TM-650 TM.

Breakdown Voltage

>20 kV/mm

>20 kV/mm


Thermal conductivity

2.5 W/m・K

5.5 W/m・K

ASTM E 1461

Spray type




  • Heat release Fin

    This is the heat release com-
    ponent integrated with metal. It shows high heat releasing / insulation performance.
  • White solder resist

    This is the white solder resist for LED printing circuit board.
  • Coating / Adhesive Material

    High resolution additive manufacturing with anywhere any shape (lines/circles etc.) printing.