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Sekisui Chemical provides high functional, high reliability products for printed circuit and semiconductor industry.

You can fine various materials of chips, substrates, as well as PCB and FPC manufcature process. We cooperate with our customer in print circuit and semiconductor industry with our high functional and excellent workablity products lineup.


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High Adhesion-Easy Removable UV Tape-- SELFA Series

A UV tape has an excellent resistance both for heat and chemicals. Easy removable techonology can make super-thin device manufacture possible. Even high heat process will not cause any residue, selfa is being used in various semiconductor process.


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Ink Jet Material

The flexibility of printing size and shape is high because of the 'drop on demand' feature, as well as the accurate thickness controlling. The printing ink can follow the bumps and steps very well so that FOD and FOW structure can be achieved by thiks technology.

Ink Jet Material

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