Double-sided tape for fluorine-containing resins adhesion

Fluorine-containing resins are key materials for 5G society, but tape does not adhere to them.

Fluorine-containing resins are polymers that contain fluorine atoms in their molecules and have a variety of excellent properties. Due to their unique properties, they are utilized from water-repellent coatings and non-stick coatings for frying pans. More recently, they are expected to be used as a substrate material for the rapid processing of large amounts of information communication in 5G and future 6G. However, fluorine-containing resins are chemically inert, making bonding with other materials extremely difficult.

Currently, fluorine-containing resins cannot exhibit satisfactory adhesive strength because their surfaces are not activated unless a primer or a plasma treatment are applied to them.

In addition, these methods require special coating equipment, making the process complicated, and changing the properties of the polymer.

A special adhesive inspired by adhesion mechanism in the natural world

In order to solve these social issues, Sekisui Chemical has developed products based on the concept of biomimetics, which utilizes the functions of "natural world" in "manufacturing".

In the natural world, mussels are known to adhere to a wide range of materials, including fluorine-containing resins, through their special foot. We has developed a special adhesive, taking a cue from this adhesion mechanism.

A technology enabling fluorine-containing resins to adhere strongly

This double-sided tape can adhere well to fluorine-containing resins by using a special adhesive. No special treatment is required to improve bonding, and it can be easily used by simple lamination.

It has higher adhesive strength not only to fluorine-containing resins but also to metals, glass, and polypropylene than conventional tapes.

Solving a number of social Issues

This technology will expand the application of fluorine-containing resins which is difficult to joint to other materials.

This product will make it possible to contribute to solve problems faced in a variety of fields. For example, it can be joint to fluorine-containing substrate materials for the rapid processing of large amounts of information communication, coated parts and filters in smartphones as well as gaskets for industrial machinery and medical applications.

Application Examples

substrate materials, etc.
coated parts and membrane filter, etc.
equipment and pipe for transport chemicals, etc.
Industrial Machinery
gasket, sealing material, and sliding parts, etc.