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Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Related Products Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Fin P-fin/N-fin, Heat Conductive Paste NT / NP, Thermal Release & Insulation Sheet KNDJ / SH / LM, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Grease GA, Thermal Conductive Grease CGW, Silicone Thermal Conductive Sheet PT, FEATHER, High Heat Conductive Sheet PT, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Sheet SF Product Information
Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Sheet Electromagnetic Wave Absorption EM Wave Absorbing Sheet Pμ-SV Achieves excellent EM wave absorption effect from 10MHz to several GHz. Product Information
Heat Release Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Sheet Heat Release and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Heat Release & EEM Wave Absorbing Sheet Pμ Provides excellent electromagnetic wave absorption while maintaining the flexibility and thermal conductivity of the heat release sheet. Product Information