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Transparent & Flexible Radio Wave Reflection Film

Under development
Improve communications infrastructure by application of a transparent film without spoiling appearance

An innovative thin transparent and flexible film that can be attached to the any surface and can reflect radio waves in the 2GHz-sub6 - mm wave - 150GHz range.

As radio waves become higher frequency, such as 5G and 6G, these waves will become harder to reach due to their high directivity and easy attenuation.

This transparent film can be applied in various places, without power supply, without spoiling the surface’s appearance, to improve the communication environment.

It can be applied to walls, windows, wall-hung paintings, clocks, curved surfaces, pillars, etc.
It is very easy to apply to any irregularly shaped object, so just like pasting a poster.

It can also be easily reapplied, Our innovative thin transparent and flexible film supports a wide range of frequencies and without power supply, so once it is installed, it is possible to reduce the need for maintenance and replacement even when updating the radio waves in the 2GHz-sub6 - mm wave - 150GHz range.

It is an innovative product that eliminates network users’ stress, supports IoT transformation, and significantly improves communications infrastructure.

Metamaterial technology to achieve both radio wave reflection and transmission properties

By combining the special metamaterial layer inside, with Sekisui Chemical's film processing technology, the new product is highly durable and transparent, yet diffusely reflects only radio waves, eliminating blind spots in communication.

It has reflection characteristics equivalent to those of metallic materials used in antennas, and is highly effective in high-frequency radio waves used in 5G and future 6G.

Demonstration Experiment on Radio Wave Reflection Utilizing Local 5G Environment of Tokyo Metropolitan University

We conducted a demonstration experiment on our Transparent and Flexible Radio Wave Reflection Film at Tokyo Metropolitan University, which boasts one of the largest-scale local 5G environments in Japan.

  • 1st
  • 2nd
< 1st > July 2023
Japan's one of the largest local 5G system - Tokyo Metropolitan University
Minami-Osawa Campus Radio Wave Area Map
Minami-Osawa Campus Radio Wave Area Map

*Tokyo Metropolitan University Web site


Radio wave environment changes in radio wave signal blind slots by installing reflective film
Frequency : sub6 & mm wave

Details Details
Roll-shaped film improves radio wave environment
  • No significant difference in radio wave strength by changing the diameter of the roll shape
  • Rolled bending expands the reflective diffusivity and further helps to eliminate blind spots

Installation of reflective film is expected to expand the radio wave coverage area

< 2nd > December 2023


Evaluation of the radio wave reflectivity of the film in a cone shape

  • Cones with cone-shaped and cylindrical films were installed.
  • Eighteen patterns were created by varying the height and number of cones, and evaluated.
  • Frequency : sub6
  • Evaluation Location (Outdoor) : Areas in front of and around the Information Processing Facility
Evaluation of the radio wave reflectivity of the film in a cone shape

Film Shape

Film Shape
Short (420 mm)
Medium (620 mm)
Tall (900 mm)
Number of cones
1 to 3 for each shape

Without reflector-100~-105dBm

Without reflector

With reflector-85~-100dBm

With reflector
Confirmation of improvement effects with cone-shaped and cylindrical 5G reflectors
  • An improvement in the radio wave environment was confirmed, despite the lower intensity of radio waves caused by increased radio wave diffusion compared to that on a flat plate.
  • When using the reflection film on the flat surface, careful positioning was needed to ensure proper radio wave reflection. Cone-shaped and cylindrical films, on the other hand, did not require such precise positioning.

In any shape, the film improves the radio wave environment and does not require position adjustment for proper radio wave reflection on a flat plate. It can be easily installed anywhere, improving workability.