Double-faced Tape for Fixing Polishing Pads
for LCD Glass Substrate, CMP,
and HDD Substrate

The polishing cloth setting double-faced tapes are widely used in electronic material manufacturing processes, including LCD glass substrate manufacturing processes.
Though the products are superior in adhesion reliability, they can be peeled off easily later.

Single release liner type
Double release liner type


  • The film base material allows re-peeling.
  • The tapes with width of up to 2450 mm are available.
  • The double release liner type features highly smooth adhesive surface.
  • We can develop the products that meet the specifications required from customers.


  • The tapes set polishing pads and backing films for LCD glass substrates.
  • The tapes set polishing pads for silicon wafers, hard disk substrates, and the like.
  • The tapes set the CMP pads.
  • The tapes set rubbing cloths.


General physical properties

Item Pressure-sensitive design Thermosensitive design
Thickness of tape(um) 130 108 138
(Stainless Steel, 23'C)
Strong adhesion surface 6 12 30
Weak adhesion surface 5 6 20
Adhesive Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
Base material OPP PET PET
Release liner Single release liner Double release liner Single release liner
Double release liner
Paper Paper/film Paper/film
Application example Polishing of silicon wafer CMP
Polishing of hard disk substrate
Polishing of LCD glass substrate
  • The method for measuring adhesion complies with JIS Z0237.
  • The above figures are only measurements; their values are not guaranteed.