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Foam Tape Functional Foam Tape
[5200 Series]
Combination of foam and adhesive with excellent stress relaxation. High impact resistance, high step followability (waterproof, dustproof), high adhesive reliability. Product
Foam Tape Flexible Foam Tape Foam substrate double-coated adhesive tape for fixing components that enables device recycling through reworkability. Suitable for fixing display panel and chassis. Product
Tape Double-faced Adhesive Tape for Fixing of LCD Components
[3800 Series]
PET-based double-sided tape with high adhesion performance to various adherends. Product
Tape Double-faced Tape for Fixing Polishing Pads for LCD Glass Substrate, CMP, and HDD Substrate Highly chemical-resistant tape with no adhesive residue when peeled off. Used for fixing polishing pad in the polishing process for electronic devices. Max. width 2450mm, suitable for CMP process. Product
Tape Conductive Tape
[7800 series]
Adhesive tape with excellent conductivity, heat dissipation, adhesive strength, bending resistance, and thinness. Suitable for grounding/shielding/heat dissipation of electronic devices. Product
Tape Protective Tape for Optical Use
Strong adhesive protection tape that can adhere to various shaped surfaces including brightness enhancement film (BEF). Features minimal contamination of the adherend, such as tape residue. Product
Removable UV Tape High Heat Resistance, High Adhesion, Easy Removable UV Tape for Semiconductor Process
UV release tape that combines resistance to various semiconductor manufacturing processes with low residue. Protects device surfaces and suppresses warpage in various PKG manufacturing processes. Product
Removable UV Tape Double-Sided Heat-Resistant, High-adhesion, Easy-Release UV Tape for Wafer Support Systems
UV release tape that combines resistance to various semiconductor manufacturing processes with low residue. Glass support system maintains device flatness during the process and ensures safe handling. Product
Removable UV Tape Self-releasable Protective Tape in UBM Process
UV release tape that combines strong chemical resistance and low residue; UV irradiation causes gas generation, which reduces device damage and allows easy peeling. Product
Tape Photo mask protection film
Highly durable, chemical-resistant tape with excellent optical properties produced in a clean environment, suitable as protective tape for photomasks used in PCB production. Product
Tape/Film Masking tape for semiconductor package substrates Tape with excellent adhesion, optical properties and easy peeling, produced in a clean environment. Suitable as a protective tape for solder resist on package substrates. Product
Tape Double-sided tape for fluorine-containing resins adhesion(Developments) Double-coated adhesive tape with a proprietary compound developed based on secretions produced by mussels, which enables strong adhesion to fluorine and polyolefin resins and other hard-to-bond substrates. Product