Functional Foam Tape
#5200 Series

The 5200 series of the functional foam tape, consisting foam with a high degree of stress relaxation and an adhesives are design to absorb strong impact.


  • Foam tape has strong adhesive strength and durability to absorb high impacts.
  • Bond well onto uneven surface and excellent water and dust-proof capability.
  • Provide excellent repulsion resistance and strong adhesion to bond to a curve surface of objects.
  • Have a wide range of thicknesses, which makes it possible to respond to various design needs.


1For bonding a cover panel and a case

2For bonding a touch sensor panel(TSP), and a liquid crystal display module(LCM), and an organic light emitting diode(OLED)

3Laminating tape under the LCM module for shock absorption applications

Product lineup

Grade Characteristics Thickness(μm)
100 150 200 250 300 400 600 900 1100
5200NSB Standard     5220NSB   5230NSB 5240NSB 5260NSB 5290NSB 52110NSB
5200PSB Strong Adhesion   5215PSB 5220PSB 5225PSB 5230PSB        
5200NAB Strong impact absorption 5210NAB 5215NAB 5220NAB 5225NAB          
5200VCB Excellent impact absorption   5215VCB 5220VCB 5225VCB 5230VCB        
5200VEB Extraordinary impact absorption     5220VEB 5225VEB 5230VEB        


Impact test 【Result of a drop impact test】

Results on how easily each type of the sample tapes peeled off due to drop impacts.


1Cut a 3-inch squuare out of the sample tapes with a width of 2mm and 3mm respectively, and stick each of them to a PC board with its center cut. After that, apply a pressure of 5kg to it for 10 seconds.

2Leave the board at the normal temperature for one day, and drop a weight on its center to measure the height from the point where the weight was dropped to the point where the PC board peeled and fell off.

Adhesion test 【Push test】

With the center of a PC board cut out , adhesive strength of sample tapes is measured on the assumption that they are practicaly used.


1Stick a sample tape on the PC board with its center cut as the picture shows.

2Put an adherend on the tape with a weight of 5kg for 10 seconds. Do the same thing with other adherends.

3Leave it at the normal temperature for one day as the picture shows, and measure how much weight is needed until the adherend departs from the PC board by pressing it.

  • The above figures are only measurements; their values are not guaranteed.