Micropearl EX: Particles with high size accuracy

1. Characteristics

Uniform partical size distributions that enable uniform particle size control. Excellent voltage, heat and chemical resistance

2. Applications

  • LCD spacer (display/dimming material)
  • Gap control for liquid adhesive (Sensor / Enclosure / Other electric and optical components)
  • Embossing molding material
  • Simulated specimen


3. Advantages of using low Cv particles

In pursuit of higher definition and higher accuracy than SP series

Low Cv ( narrow particle size distribution) High Cv ( wide particle size distribution)
Image diagram Low Cv Image diagram High Cv Image diagram
On vibration Inhibit the movement of particles Easy movement of particles
Number of particles Higher particle number engaged in gap control.
Effective gap control with fewer particles.
Fewer particles are engaged in gap control
Higher number of particles required for effective gap control.
Gap analysis Micropearl EX
Micropearl EX Gap analysis
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Micropearl EX Gap analysis

4. Product lineup

Grade Av.diameter
Cv [%]
EX-002 2.00±0.05 About 3
EX-00225 2.25±0.05
EX-0025 2.50±0.05
EX-00275 2.75±0.05
EX-003 3.00±0.05
EX-00325 3.25±0.05
EX-0035 3.50±0.05
EX-00375 3.75±0.05
EX-004 4.00±0.05
EX-00425 4.25±0.05
EX-0045 4.50±0.05
EX-00475 4.75±0.05
EX-005 5.00±0.05
EX-0055 5.50±0.05
  • If you require other particle sizes, please contact us