Micropearl EZ: Low recovery rate and soft resin particles for gap control

1. Characteristics

As a result of the acrylic polymer being softer, it is excellent for dampening vibrations,reducing noise, and it effectively decreases damage to substrates.
Due to the low spring back (recovery rate) of the particle, it is suitable for gap control applications.

2. Applications

  • Adhesive for pressure sensors
  • Conductive paste/die bond agents
  • Adhesives for film lamination


3. Advantages of using Micropearl EZ

  • Excellent at reducing damage to circuit boards
  • Absorbing vibration noise from the environment
  • Controlling spring back and delamination of adhesive layers, and increases the chance of higher reliability.
Advantages of using Micropearl EZ

4. Product lineup

Grade Average
Cv [%]
EZ3P-020 20.0±1.00 (≦5)*
EZ4P-030 30.0±1.50
  • * This data is for reference only, it may differ from actual spec.
  • For other requests, please feel free to contact us directly.