Sealant for ODF
Photolec S

Sealant for ODF, Photolec S

This adhesive is best for LCD (cured with UV+heating)

1. Characteristic

  • Due to the sealant quality, there is a low risk of contamination and pollution to the LCD panel.
  • The sealant is easy to handle and excellent to dispense with narrow width.
  • The sealant can also adhere nonmetal substrate.

2. Process

POTORI Test Viscosity
Unevenness is not observed around the sealant

3. UV-cured black paste

One-liquid solvent-free UV+heating curing paste.


It can be used for bonding of transparent substrates, shading, etc.

  • Light Shielding
  • High level of uniformity, minimal presence of foreign materials
  • High adhesive strength, low moisture permeability
  • Low contamination (liquid crystal,organic material.etc)


Adhesion of LCD glass substrates
LCD cross section
Adhesion of optical lens
Lens unit