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Product Feature Adherent body
Curing conditions
UV Curing Adhesive
GAP control adhesive containing uniform particles Thermosetting adhesive containing ultra high precision spacer particles. The thickness of the adhesive can be precisely controlled. Ferrite core, Iron, SUS 150℃ × 30min or more Product
UV Curing Adhesive Sealant for ODF
[Photolec S]
UV + heat curing adhesive with high adhesive strength and low moisture permeability. Black type with high light shielding is also available. Glass, Polyimide UV (3,000mJ / cm2) + Heat (120℃ × 60min) Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV-curing adhesives
[Photolec A]
A highly transparent and excellent UV curing adhesive even under oxygen environment. Few impurities, halogen-free. Glass 1,500mJ / cm2 or more Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV delayed curing Low moisture permeable adhesive
[Photolec E]
After UV irradiation, post-curing type and immediate curing type are available. Low outgas, low moisture permeability. Alkali free glass UV delay + heat (UV 1,500mJ / cm2 + 60~100℃ × 30min) Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV (B stage) + Moisture Curing Adhesive
[Photolec B]
Easy workability (corresponding to curved surfaces and fine lines), curing light shielding parts, high adhesion of different materials, stress relaxation (flexibility after curing, thickness retention). Glass, Plastic, AL, SUS UV + Moisture Product
UV Curing Adhesive LED encapsulation material & UTG protective resin
[Photolec New]
UV-curable μLED chip protection resin with inkjet applicability & Greatly improves pen drop resistance simply by coating. Glass UV, UV + Heat Product
Assembly Material Solder Anisotropic Conductive Paste Metal joining is possible at low temperature and low pressure. Low profile connection (less than 0. 1mm thickness), fine pitch connection (150um). PI, RF4 140℃ / 10s / Pressure 1 to 3 Mpa Product
UV Curing Adhesive/
Assembly Material
Anisotropic Conductive Paste For RFID low temperture/short time curing for chip assembly in RFID inlay production. PET 140℃10sec.
Inkjet Materials Pattern formation of exterior peripheries/Usage for package miniaturization
[High-viscosity inkjet ink]
Proprietary high-functionality materials, designed uniquely from adhesives to barrier rid forming materials. Freely controllable ink application shapes. Optimizing printing processes with our one-stop development. Product