UV delayed curing Low moisture permeable adhesive
Photolec E

A low-moisture UV-curing adhesive that adheres opaque substrates at low temperatures in a short time.

1. Characteristics

  • Curing will start a few minutes after UV irradiation. By heating at low temperature for a short time, it cures quickly.
  • Low Outgas, Moisture-proof

2. Temporary curing procees

Dispense→UV Curing→Bonding→Heat Curing

Dispense→UV Curing→Bonding→Heat Curing

3. Applications


This type is best for sealing materials which are subject to heat, for polarizing parts, and for plastic plates.

2Low moisture permeability

Moisture-proof sealant for OLED Display

【Structure of OLED display (top emission type)】
Structure of OLED display (top emission type)
  • This product releases minimal gas generated during curing proccess (UV/heat)
  • Semiconductor (MEMS, CCD) sealing

Low Outgas

Low Outgas

Strong and highly accurate adhesion can be achieved
※ With Micropearl SP/GS

  • Bonding for plastic substrates
  • Bonding for optical components
  • Hard disks, surrounding sealants (low moisture permeability), internal adhesive (low outgas)
  • Semiconductor(MEMS,CCD camera module)