Sekisui's Thermal Management Technology

Introduction of Sekisui's product and evaluation technologies

Application examples of our products

Downsizing/ faster processing speed/ higher power of electronic components requires thermal countermeasure for products in various fields, such as mobile instrument, automotive devices, and inverter component. Sekisui Chemical group provides unique epoxy-based thermal conductive insulation materials in various forms according to specific needs, and we receive high evaluations for our products from the markets.

Special processing method / check / inspection

Ultra high precision punching process

Punching process, utilizing equipment with image recognition system, enables ultra-high-precision processing of materials.

Fully-automatic warpage detection evaluation

We introduced fully-automatic warpage detector in our own design.

Evaluation technology

For developing better performance heat release materials and products, Sekisui Chemical group has various kinds of evaluation instruments.
Sekisui Chemical group has thermal characteristic evaluation insturuments of various kinds of devices.

By a combination of thermal characteristic evaluation of our actual products in production, we continue to make effort in order to offer more effective solutions for heat release technology.