Heat conductive paste

This is the heat conductive paste with high thermal conductivity and fast curability.

NT series

This is the solventless type thermal conductive paste with high fluidity, applicable to overmold thermal-radiating device without bubbles, by its excellent heat release property and reliability. It is a fluid type applicable to flexible substrate.

Application examples

It is possible to easily manage temperature of components, by applying NT series over thermal radiating components and curing in oven.

Verification of heat dissipation effect by thermography

Properties of NT series

Physical Property Conventional Type High heat release type Remarks
Stage M.P. Under development  
Before curing Viscosity (Pa・s) 65 75 Type B,10rpm,at 25℃
Thixotropic index 1.8 2.1 Type B,1rpm/10rpm,at 25℃
Gelling time (sec) 120 120 150℃ Hot Plate
Tack-free time (sec) 300 300 150℃ Hot Plate
Ash content(%) 86.2 87.2 -
After curing color Brown Brown -
resistivity (Ω・cm)
3×1010 5×1010 IPC-TM-650 TM.
conductivity (W/m・K)
2.5 3.5 ASTM E 1461
  • Heat release Fin

    This is the heat release com-
    ponent integrated with metal. It shows high heat releasing / insulation performance.
  • Heat release sheet

    This is the thermosetting type epoxy resin sheet with excellent thermal conductivity.
  • White solder resist

    This is the white solder resist for LED printing circuit board.
  • Coating / Adhesive Material

    High resolution additive manufacturing with anywhere any shape (lines/circles etc.) printing.