Heat release fin

This is the heat release component with high heat releasing / insulation performance, applicable to various types of power semiconductor devices. "Excellent thermal resistance" and "high reliability" enable to replace ceramic substrate. We provide this product in various sizes / forms according to specific purpose.

N-Fin series

This is the B-stage state copper-clad thermal conductive sheet, with excellent heat releasing /adhesive / insulation properties, applicable to devices such as Transfer mold type power semiconductor devices.

Distinctive feature 1

Application to wide range of materials
It is possible to combine with various kinds of materials / thickness, for its excellent sheet and adhesion properties. Please consult us for unification with work pieces in different forms, with uneven or rough surface conditions.

Distinctive feature 2

Stable adhesive property
It has a very high degree of smooth and flat adhesive surface, allowing temporary attachment to working material in typical condition.

Distinctive feature 3

Special processing technology/ quality management technology
We conduct processing with steady performance, by the quality management technology based on our experience developed in our long history.

P-Fin Series

This is the pattern forming type heat release component, with excellent heat releasing / insulation properties and reliability, and applicable to devices such as Transfer mold type or Case type power semiconductor devices.

Distinctive feature 1

Thermal resistance of this product is equal to or less than that of ceramic substrate, by its high thermal conductivity and insulation properties.

Distinctive feature 2

This product shows equal to or more than that of ceramic substrate for reliability, by its high adhesion and thermal resistance properties.

Distinctive feature 3

It is possible to provide punching process according to the needs of customers, such as punching process of super-thick copper form over 1mm thickness, without any flash in end faces by special punching process technology.

Distinctive feature 4

We produce minute simulation models from thermal characteristic evaluation of a module in order to provide best possible materials and products.