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UV Curing Adhesive UV delayed curing Low moisture permeable adhesive
[Photolec E]
After UV irradiation, post-curing type and immediate curing type are available. Low outgas, low moisture permeability. Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV (B stage) + Moisture Curing Adhesive
[Photolec B]
Easy workability (corresponding to curved surfaces and fine lines), curing light shielding parts, high adhesion of different materials, stress relaxation (flexibility after curing, thickness retention). Product
Foam Tape Functional Foam Tape
[5200 Series]
Combination of foam and adhesive with excellent stress relaxation. High impact resistance, high step followability (waterproof, dustproof), high adhesive reliability. Product
Foam Waterproof, Anti-vibration, Shock Absorbing Thin Foam
Ultra-thin, high-performance foam that combines high sealing properties and high shock absorption. Product
Molded Product Electrical Connection, Flexible Rubber Connector
[Waterproof and Resin Integrated]
Rubber connector that can integrate the insulating part and the conductive part. Flexibility that allows flexible design (complex shape, protruding conductive parts). Product
Molded Product Waterproof and Moisture-proof Sealing Applications
Low-hardness, high-strength silicone GEL material with excellent waterproof, dustproof and cushioning properties. Insert molding with regular resin, metal, and film is possible. Product
Molded Product Rubber Band for Wearable Device
[High-Performance Rubber Band]
Rubber/elastomer formula with emphasis on touch and reliability. Compression molding of rubber and insert molding with resin and metal are possible. Product
Sheet Persistent antistatic sheet
The temperature dependence is small, and the characteristics persist even in low temperature environments. Our unique technological strengths have enabled us to combine eco-friendly products. Product