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Tape/Film Masking tape for semiconductor package substrates Tape with excellent adhesion, optical properties and easy peeling, produced in a clean environment. Suitable as a protective tape for solder resist on package substrates. Product
Release Film Low Outgas Release Film Release film with low outgassing and excellent embedding property in high temperature heat press process at around 190℃. Suitable for manufacturing process of FPC, rigid flexible circuit board, etc. Product
Film Interlayer Insulating Film for Making Build-up Boards
[Heat-curing Build Up Film NX/NQ]
Low transmission loss, high insulation reliability. Product
Film For 5G/6G
[Transparent & Flexible Radio Wave Reflection Film]
Innovative thin transparent and flexible film that can be attached to the any surface and can reflect radio waves in the 2GHz-sub6 - mm wave - 150GHz range. Product