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Polyvinyl alcohol


    "SELVOL", Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured from vinyl acetate monomer via a multistep process. SELVOL is used most widely for adhesives, emulsion and packaging.

Functional microsphere


    Advancell EM is the microsphere to expand to 30 to 100 times the addition of heat, with forming a closed cell.

Polyvinyl acetal resin

  • S-LEC B

    S-LEC B/K, Polyvinyl Acetal Resin, has Excellent toughness and flexibility
  • S-LEC KX

    Hydrophilic and water resisting, will not dissolve in water alone, but is soluble in a mixture of water and alcohol.
  • S-LEC KW

    Flexible, water-soluble resin
  • S-LEC SV

    S-LEC SV is a new resin which maintains the same great characteristics as the S-LEC B resin series, but also has excellent rheological properties.

Specialized acrylic resin

  • S-LEC AS

    Specialized acrylic resin has excellent thermal decomposition, strength, and printability.

Specialized PVC

  • Sekisui PVC-HA

    PVC-HA has higher heat resistance than that of normal PVC and it is also resistant to hot water. It has excellent tensile strength and rigidity at high temperatures. Resistant to acid, alkali, and most other chemicals in the same way as normal PVC. Fire resistant is better than that of normal PVC
  • Sekisui PVC-TG

    PVC-TG combines the rubber elasticity and low temperature characteristics of EVA with the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of polyvinyl chloride
  • Sekisui PVC-AG

    PVC-AG is highly impact resistance obtained by copolymerizing an acrylic component in PVC
  • ToseAce SLP-40

    SLP-40 is low polymerization PVC, the degree about 400 (K-value about 47.1). Also has very excellent melt flow ability

Specialized Polyvinyl Chloride Compound

  • Durastream

    Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Compound for piping has excellent properties and mold ability
  • General Compound

    There are a variety of grades, from medium heat resistance grade to high heat resistance grade, and also a high flow grade, all with heat resistance characteristics required for a wide range of applications

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Electronics applications

  • Flame Retardant anti-static sheets

    Cards & Name plates, Electric insulation sheet for electrical equipment
  • Sintering binder

    Ceramic chips, Ceramic substrates

Automotive parts

  • Moldings etc.

    Weather strips, Roof moldings, Door side moldings

Industrial Materials

  • Industrial sheets

    various equipment's for chemical plants
  • Inks

    Flexographic inks, Gravure printings inks, Dye transfer ribbon inks
  • Paints

    Powder coatings, lacquers
  • Adhesives

    Printed wiring board adhesives, Hotmelts
  • Molded Parts

    Powder metallurgy/Phenol molded parts