If there were an uncountable number of pores in each tiny particle measuring only 0.02 mm in diameter, what would you make with them? Overview

Discover new possibilities of ADVANCELL HB.

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ADVANCELL HB is lightweight, strong and easy to burn off. The unique microspheres of ADVANCELL HB can unleash the potential of existing materials. See for yourself what ADVANCELL HB can do for you.

Lightweight, yet resistant to breakage

ADVANCELL HB microspheres offer both light weight and ample strength thanks to their advanced cross-linked structure. The microspheres are lighter than solid acrylic microspheres, but they offer about the same strength according to an assessment of their compression characteristics.

● Compression characteristics of ADVANCEL HB

Compression characteristics of ADVANCEL HB

Advancell HB microspheres do not collapse even under a load of 500 MPa or more. They simply deform slightly but maintain their shapes.

<Measurement conditions>
Using an indenter with a radius of 50 μm, a pressing force is applied to the top of the microspheres for 60 seconds until the pressing load reaches the maximum of 100 mN. Once the maximum load is reached, the load is decreased immediately at the same rate as the pressurizing rate.
<Assessment results>
Advancell HB microspheres start to deform at a lower load level than hard, solid acrylic microspheres do, but they offer about the same strength as solid acrylic microspheres.

Easy to burn off

Since the Advancell HB microsphere interior is formed with a minimal amount of solid resin. Thus, ADVANCELL HB offers excellent burn-off characteristics (reduced heat generation during heat decomposition). ADVANCELL HB can lower the burn-off temperature and shorten the heat decomposition process time, thus saving energy. It also contributes significantly to the reduction of heat-induced cracks in the ceramic compact.

● Heat decomposition characteristics of ADVANCELL HB

About DTA measurement (right graph): Compared with acrylic solid particles (green line), the heat generated during thermal decomposition is suppressed with ADVANCELL HB (blue line).

Material Average particle diameter Porosity Pressure-resistance strength
Acrylic 20μm 50%
(True specific gravity 0.5g/㎤)

Advancell HB Grade

Grade Average particle diameter Porosity True specific gravity Physical property
HB-2051 Approx.20μm Approx.50% Approx.0.5g/㎤ Dry powder

※Other product types, such as small-diameter particle types, large-diameter particle types and lower decomposition temperature types, are presently under development.