S-LEC Applications of Butyral

Printing Inks

・Flexographic inks Gravure printings inks Pigment preparations
All low-viscosity S-LEC B/K grade are suitable binders for flexo-graphic and gravure printing inks .
The BL-10 has the lowest viscosity of all grades.
Viscosity of PVB (for inks)

Temporary Binders

・Binders for ceramics
S-LEC B/K exhibits good dispersion of ceramic particles and has good dimensional stability when baked. It is used as the binder of ceramic green sheet.
・Binders for metal powder pellets

Heat decomposition(TG/DTA) strength-strain characteristic


・Printed wiring board adhesives
A mixture of S-LEC B/K and phenol resin is used in joining the pre-pregs of phenol board with the copper foil giving good solderability and resistance to peeling.
・Bonding for enameled wire for coils
Coat an enameled wire for coils with S-LEC B/K solution, and heat to join the wire.


・Wash Primers
One of the main applications of S-LEC B/K is as a wash primer. It adheres strongly to metal and to the facing which covers it, and temporarily prevents rusting. It is widely used as a primer for steel and aluminium in ships, bridges, rolling stock, aircraft and electric appliances. Wash primer keeps a strong bond with almost all facer paints including those based on PVC, melamine and oily phenol.
・Car Refinishes
The primer based on S-LEC B/K adheres strongly to metal. It is used as a passivating primer for pretreatment after the paint is often sanded down to the bare metal in car refinishes work.
・Printing film layer of Ink-Jet Printer
S-LEC K(KX) is used for printing film layer of Ink-Jet Printer.
・Metal lacquers
S-LEC B/K is mixed with natural resin, synthetic resin, and drying oil for normal-drying paints and baking paints for metal. By adding some polyvinyl butyral resin, the coating adhesion, toughness and service durability improves remarkably. Addition of thermosetting resin will increase resistance to impact, flexibility and adhesion. For instance, a precondensate of phenol resin mixed with a small amount of S-LEC B/K makes a good baking paint, which is used for foodstuff containers.
・Metal foil lacquers
Coating metal foil (mainly aluminium) with S-LEC B/K solution increases the foil strength and moistureproofness. In addition, perfect packaging is possible by heat sealing only. It is used with automatic packaging equipment to pack foodstuffs such as chocolate and biscuits, and medical and photographic supplies.
・Powder coatings
S-LEC B/K blended with epoxy resins is effective in edge-covering and prevents pulverization.
・Vacuum metallizing paints
Alcohol solutions of S-LEC B/K are used for vacuum metallizing bonds and for finishing paint. As they adhere well to plastics and metals.
・Gloss surface protecting paints
S-LEC B/K is used in the gut of tennis rackets etc., varnish for cabinetwork, varnishes for copper and silver wire, and in paints for all types of metal-plated surfaces.
・Leather coatings
S-LEC B/K leather coating exhibits remarkable elongation at room temperature, and this property is not lost at low temperatures. With the help of plasticizers it makes a soft and elastic film for leather.
This is a property of butyral resin only.

Miscellaneous Fields

・Binders for reflective sheets
Owing to the good dispersibility of S-LEC B/K with pigments, transparency of S-LEC B/K film and adhesion to the plastic films, the PET and other plastic films coated with the S-LEC B/K and glass beads solutions are used as reflective sheets for traffic control and guidance signs.
・Dye transfer ribbon inks
Owing to the good dispersibility of S-LEC B/K with dyes the inks based on S-LEC resins and sublimation dyes are initially coated on plastic films and then the dye sublimated by heat is transferred to the surface treated paper.
・Magnetic recording tape coatings
S-LEC B/K exhibits good dispersion of magnetic powder, and is used as a binder for high-grade magnetic tape.
・Transfer paper marking for ceramic
A transfer paper printed with a pattern to transfer is wet, applied to the ceramic surface and the textile, and removed. Then the pattern is baked on the surface. S-LEC B/K is used to make the printing ink.