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Product Feature
1 UV Curing Adhesive UV (B stage) + Moisture Curing Adhesive
[Photolec B]
Easy workability (corresponding to curved surfaces and fine lines), curing light shielding parts, high adhesion of different materials, stress relaxation (flexibility after curing, thickness retention). Product
2 Foam Tape Functional Foam Tape
[5200 Series]
Combination of foam and adhesive with excellent stress relaxation. High impact resistance, high step followability (waterproof, dustproof), high adhesive reliability. Product
3 Foam Waterproof, Anti-vibration, Shock Absorbing Thin Foam
Ultra-thin, high-performance foam that combines high sealing properties and high shock absorption. Product
4 Molded Product Thermoplastic Elastomer for High Vibration and Shock Absorption
Highly flexible, flame-retardant UL94 certified. Product
5 Sheet Insulating sheet
[POLYELEC® functional scroll sheet]
A wide range of variations are available to suit your application. Excellent electrically insulating properties and can be used for LiB insulating layers, etc. Product