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Microsphere [Micropearl SP/GS]
Uniform resin particles
Uniform particle size distribution, coefficient of variation (Cv) ≦ 7%, uniform gap control. Abundant particle size lineup from 2μm to 600μm. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl AU]
Plastic core Metal coating Particles
Available to coat evenly with diferent type of metals onto plastic particles. Our technology can control hardness of particles and repulsive force. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl EX]
Particles with high size accuracy
Uniform partical size distributions that are able to maintain tighter particle size control. Excellent voltage, heat and chemical resistance. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl EXH]
Hard plastic material uniformed resin particles for gap control
Compared to silica particles, this particles are stable with sizes reduction and damage to the substrate. High hardness prevent settlement in the resin caused by heat. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl EZ]
Low recovery rate and soft resin particles for gap control
It is an acrylic co-polymer particle that is very soft and it can absorb vibration and noise. Also it reduces the damage to the substrate. Due to the lower spring back (recovery rate) of the particle, it can be used for softer substrates. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl SLC]
(under development): Silicone type particles
Silicon polymer based particle. It absorbs vibrations and noise. Lower spring back (recovery rate) of the particles, it can be used for softer substrates. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl KB]
black uniform resin Particles for gap control
Divinylbenzene co-polymer particles with black pigment dispersed. Excellent blackness and light shielding properties, and resistance to exudative. Product
Microsphere/UV Curing Adhesive GAP control adhesive containing uniform particles Thermosetting adhesive containing ultra high precision spacer particles. The thickness of the adhesive can be precisely controlled. Product
UV Curing Adhesive Sealant for ODF
[Photolec S]
UV + heat curing adhesive with high adhesive strength and low moisture permeability. Black type with high light shielding is also available. Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV delayed curing Low moisture permeable adhesive
[Photolec E]
After UV irradiation, post-curing type and immediate curing type are available. Low outgas, low moisture permeability. Product