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Microsphere [Micropearl AU]
Plastic core Metal coating Particles
Available to coat evenly with diferent type of metals onto plastic particles. Our technology can control hardness of particles and repulsive force. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl SLC]
(under development): Silicone type particles
Silicon polymer based particle. It absorbs vibrations and noise. Lower spring back (recovery rate) of the particles, it can be used for softer substrates. Product
Microsphere [Micropearl KB]
black uniform resin Particles for gap control
Divinylbenzene co-polymer particles with black pigment dispersed. Excellent blackness and light shielding properties, and resistance to exudative. Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV (B stage) + Moisture Curing Adhesive
[Photolec B]
Easy workability (corresponding to curved surfaces and fine lines), curing light shielding parts, high adhesion of different materials, stress relaxation (flexibility after curing, thickness retention). Product
Foam Tape Functional Foam Tape
[5200 Series]
Combination of foam and adhesive with excellent stress relaxation. High impact resistance, high step followability (waterproof, dustproof), high adhesive reliability. Product
Foam Waterproof, Anti-vibration, Shock Absorbing Thin Foam
Ultra-thin, high-performance foam that combines high sealing properties and high shock absorption. Product
Molded Product Thermoplastic Elastomer for High Vibration and Shock Absorption
Highly flexible, flame-retardant UL94 certified. Product
Molded Product Thermocuring Rubber for Vibration and Shock Absorption
Wide hardness and damping variation is avaiable. Flame-retardant UL94. Product