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Inkjet Materials Ink for Coating/Adhesive Applications
[High Resolution 3D Printer (Inkjet) Material]
Printing size control ability in drop-on-demand. Product
Film For 5G/6G
[Transparent & Flexible Radio Wave Reflection Film]
Innovative thin transparent and flexible film that can be attached to the any surface and can reflect radio waves in the sub6 - mm wave - THz range. Product
Polyvinyl Acetal Resin Binder Resin
Tough, high flexibility, high adhesiveness, crosslinkability, compatibility. Easy to dissolve in various solvents including alcohol. Product
Polyvinyl Acetal Resin Paste Resin
Excellent rheological properties, high adhesion, high sheet strength, high flexibility. Product
Molded Product Rubber Band for Wearable Device
[High-Performance Rubber Band]
Rubber/elastomer formula with emphasis on touch and reliability. Compression molding of rubber and insert molding with resin and metal are possible. Product
Sheet Insulating sheet
[POLYELEC® functional scroll sheet]
A wide range of variations are available to suit your application. Excellent electrically insulating properties and can be used for LiB insulating layers, etc. Product
Sheet For conveying materials such as precision parts, connectors, and small electronic materials
[POLYELEC® Carrier Tape]
Because of the plastic material, there is no fear of paper dust and dust generation. Light, with moderate rigidity and workability. Product
Sheet For various insulation materials, flame retardant
[POLYELEC® PN / PNN flame retardant sheet]
A lineup of flame retardant grades.(UL94-VTM-0, V-0, HB depending on thickness) Excellent electrical insulation. Excellent secondary workability, especially hinge characteristics. 10 substances subject to RoHS2 Directive are not used. Product
Container Clean bottle SEKISUI's clean containers are available from R&D usage to mass production usage. All products are made from the same clean raw materials, and the dissolution of components into the contents is minimized. We also offer a wide range of sizes from small (100mL) to large (200L), and can provide UN standard compliant products. Product