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UV Curing Adhesive Sealant for ODF
[Photolec S]
UV + heat curing adhesive with high adhesive strength and low moisture permeability. Black type with high light shielding is also available. Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV-curing adhesives
[Photolec A]
A highly transparent and excellent UV curing adhesive even under oxygen environment. Few impurities, halogen-free. Product
UV Curing Adhesive UV delayed curing Low moisture permeable adhesive
[Photolec E]
After UV irradiation, post-curing type and immediate curing type are available. Low outgas, low moisture permeability. Product
UV Curing Adhesive LED encapsulation material & UTG protective resin
[Photolec New]
UV-curable μLED chip protection resin with inkjet applicability & Greatly improves pen drop resistance simply by coating. Product
Tape Double-faced Adhesive Tape for Fixing of LCD Components
[3800 Series]
PET-based double-sided tape with high adhesion performance to various adherends. Product