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No. Brief Material Category Series/
Protective Tape for Optical Use Tape #6700/#6800 Produced in a clean environment with strong adhesion with little adherend contamination such as glue residue. Product Information
Release Film for FPC Manufacutre Release Film Low Outgas Release Film Release film with high conformability and low outgas. Product Information
SELFA Series Removable UV Tape SELFA Series SELFA HS, SELFA HW, SELFA MP, SELFA SE Product Information
Photomask Protection Film in PCB Manufacuture Process Tape Tackwell Solvent Resistance and High Durability Product Information
Sealing Material with Waterproof and Moisture-proof Waterproof / Moisture Proof / Vibration Proof UV Curable Moisture Proof Sealant ACG high flexibility, high elasticity, easy peeling. Product Information