S-LEC Manufacturing Method and Structural formula

Manufacturing Method

S-LEC B/K is manufactured from Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) by reacting aldehyde. Refer to the formula shown below.

Raw Materials ->Reaction->Washing->Drying->Finished Product

The outline of the manufacturing process is as follows
The outline of the manufacturing process is as follows

Structural formula

In the chemical reaction given above, 100% butyralization cannot take place.
According to P.J.Flory, the maximum butyralization degree expected is 81.6 mol %, or 86.47 wt %.
Therefore, a considerable amount of hydroxyl is left behind in S-LEC B/K.
Also, when saponifcation occurs (the PVA manufacturing process), a small amount of acetyl is behind.
Therefore, the chemical structural formula of S-LEC B/K is as shown below.

Structural formula

The physical and chemical properties of S-LEC B/K will differ depending upon the ratio of the elements shown n the formula,
and the degree of polymerization greatly influences its thermal and mechanical characteristics. And the viscosity of solution.