S-LEC Feature

Feature of S-LEC B/K

  1. Excellent toughness and flexibility
    S-LEC B/K is remarkably tough and flexible, and has excellent resistance against impact at low temperatures.

  2. Excellent adhesivenes
    S-LEC B/K adheres strongly to metal, plastic, glass, leather and wood.

  3. Soluble in many organic solvents
    S-LEC B/K is widely soluble in most of organic solvents, especially it can be solubed in alcohols.

  4. Crosslinkable and compatible
    S-LEC B/K is a cross-linkable and compatible thermoplastic resin, and by changing the resin or curing agent it can be used either as a thermoplastic or a thermoset resin.

  5. Colorless and transparent
    S-LEC B/K is colorless, transparent, weather-proof, and can be dyed freely.

  6. Non-toxic and odorless
    S-LEC B/K is odorless and non-toxic, so it is convenient for such uses as printing inks, coatings where odors must be avoided.

S-LEC K(KX) Special Features

  1. Hidrophilic and water resisting, will not dissolve in water alone, but is soluble in a mixture of water and alcohol.

  2. Resistant to fogging and condensation.

  3. Highly transparent, making it suitable for coatings that are required to have optical characteristics.

S-LEC K(KW) Special Features

  1. Flexible, water-soluble resin.

  2. Excels in the dispersion of organic and inorganic materials, and is suitable for water soluble binders.

S-LEC K Features

Types Flexibility Adhesion Dispersibility Water Resistance Oil Resistance Anti-fogging Transparency