S-LEC Advantages

By Sekisui's superior manufacturing technology a wide range of product grade and stable quality among production lots are realized.
S-LEC B/K series are widely used in various industries, particularly in information technology industry.

  1. A.Wide valuation
    ●Calculated molecular weights: 14,000 - 130,000
    This wide range will affect strength of coat, solution viscosity, adhesion, etc.

    Viscosity and Hydroxyl content
    Tg(Glass transition temperature)and Hydroxyl content

    ●Acetal contents: 63 to - ca. 79 mol%
    This will affect suppleness of coat, solvent solubility, etc.

    ●Glass transition temperature (Tg): 59 -110'C
    The above range is available.

  2. B.Lot Stability
    The lot stability is excellent.

  3. C.Excellent Service
    Excellent detailed services will be provided in conformity with customers requirements.
    ●Technical Service
    ●Quick Response
    ●Product Improvement
    ●Quick Delivery