No. Brief Material Category Series/
Photolec Series UV Curing Adhesive Photolec Series Photolec S, Photolec A, Photolec E, Photolec B Product Information
Uniform Resin Particle for GAP Control Microsphere Micropearl SP,GS Uniform particle size distribution,coefficient of variation (Cv) ≤ 7%, uniform gap control. Abundant particle size lineup from 2µm to 600µm. Product Information
Ink for Coating / Adhesive Applications Inkjet Materials High Resolution 3D Printer (Inkjet) Material Printing size control ability in drop-on-demand. Product Information
Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Related Products Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Fin P-fin/N-fin, Heat Conductive Paste NT / NP, Thermal Release & Insulation Sheet KNDJ / SH / LM, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Grease GA, Thermal Conductive Grease CGW, Silicone Thermal Conductive Sheet PT, FEATHER, High Heat Conductive Sheet PT, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Sheet SF Product Information
Assembly Material Series Assembly Material Assembly Material Series SACP, SAP, Micropearl SOL Product Information