No. Brief Material Category Series/
Uniform Resin Particle for GAP Control Microsphere Micropearl SP,GS Uniform particle size distribution,coefficient of variation (Cv) ≤ 7%, uniform gap control. Abundant particle size lineup from 2µm to 600µm. Product Information
Resin Core Conductive Particle Conductive Particle Micropearl AU Various types of metal layers can be formed uniformly on plastic particles with a uniform particle size distribution. Product Information
Photolec Series UV Curing Adhesive Photolec Series Photolec S, Photolec E Product Information
Double-sided Tape for Fixing LCD Parts Tape #3800 Highly light-shielding and highly reflective (brightness up) backlight module and LCD module fixing tape using special black and white material. Product Information
Conductive Tape Tape #7800 Adhesive tape with excellent conductivity, heat dissipation, adhesive strength, bending resistance, and thinness. Suitable for grounding / shielding / heat dissipation of electronic devices. Product Information
Protective Tape for Optical Use Tape #6700/#6800 Optical surface protection tapes with the function of diffusion brightness enhancement. Produced in a clean environment with strong adhesion with little adherend contamination such as glue residue. Product Information
Highly Clear Double-faced Tape Tape HSV/SSV Baseless, no need for UV irradiation after bonding, extremely high transparency. Maintains high optical properties with foaming resistance, whitening resistance, and long-term reliability. Product Information
Release Film for FPC Manufacutre Release Film Low Outgas Release Film Prevents the release layer from falling off due to solvent, minimizing replacement of protective film. Product Information
Heat Conductive Paste for Cooling Driver IC Heat Release Related Products Heat Conductive Paste NT / NP Heat Conductive Paste Product Information