No. Brief Material Category Series/
Uniform Resin Particle for GAP Control Microsphere Micropearl SP,GS Uniform particle size distribution,coefficient of variation (Cv) ≤ 7%, uniform gap control. Abundant particle size lineup from 2µm to 600µm. Product Information
Assembly Material Series Assembly Material Assembly Material Series SACP, SAP, Micropearl SOL Product Information
Conductive Tape Tape #7800 Adhesive tape with excellent conductivity, heat dissipation, adhesive strength, bending resistance, and thinness. Suitable for grounding / shielding / heat dissipation of electronic devices. Product Information
SELFA Series Removable UV Tape SELFA Series SELFA HS, SELFA HW, SELFA MP, SELFA SE Product Information
Photomask Protection Film in PCB Manufacuture Process Tape Tackwell Prevents the release layer from falling off due to solvent, minimizing replacement times of protective film. Product Information
Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Related Products Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Fin P-fin/N-fin, Heat Conductive Paste NT / NP, Thermal Release & Insulation Sheet KNDJ / SH / LM, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Grease GA, Thermal Conductive Grease CGW, Silicone Thermal Conductive Sheet PT, FEATHER, High Heat Conductive Sheet PT, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Sheet SF Product Information
Ink for Coating / Adhesive Applications Inkjet Materials High Resolution 3D Printer (Inkjet) Material Printing size control ability in drop-on-demand. Product Information
Interlayer Insulating Film for Making Build-up Boards Interlayer Insulating Film Heat-curing Build Up Film NX/NQ Low transmission loss, high insulation reliability. Product Information
Binder Resin Polyvinyl Acetal Resin S-LEC B、K Tough, high flexibility, high adhesiveness, crosslinkability, compatibility. Easy to dissolve in various solvents including alcohol. Product Information
Paste Resin Polyvinyl Acetal Resin S-LEC SV Excellent rheological properties, high adhesion, high sheet strength, high flexibility. Product Information