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No. Brief Material Category Series/
Photolec Series UV Curing Adhesive Photolec Series Photolec S, Photolec E Product Information
Assembly Material Series Assembly Material Assembly Material Series SACP, SAP, Micropearl SOL Product Information
Functional Foam Tape for Waterproofing and Shock Absorption Foam Tape #5200 Combination of foam and adhesive with excellent stress relaxation. High impact resistance, high step followability (waterproof, dustproof), high adhesive reliability. Product Information
Double-sided Tape for Fixing LCD Parts Tape #3800 PET-based double-sided tape with high adhesion performance to various adherends. Product Information
Double-faced Tape for Fixing Polishing Pads Tape Double-faced Tape for Fixing Polishing Pads Mainly used for fixing polishing cloth in the polishing process of the electronic device manufacturing process. Maximum 2450mm width, double separator compatible, high chemical resistance. Product Information
Conductive Tape Tape #7800 Adhesive tape with excellent conductivity, heat dissipation, adhesive strength, bending resistance, and thinness. Suitable for grounding / shielding / heat dissipation of electronic devices. Product Information
Protective Tape for Optical Use Tape #6700/#6800 Produced in a clean environment with strong adhesion with little adherend contamination such as glue residue. Product Information
Highly Clear Double-faced Tape Tape HSV/SSV Baseless, no need for UV irradiation after bonding, extremely high transparency. Maintains high optical properties with foaming resistance, whitening resistance, and long-term reliability. Product Information
SELFA Series Removable UV Tape SELFA Series SELFA HS, SELFA HW, SELFA MP, SELFA SE Product Information
Photomask Protection Film in PCB Manufacuture Process Tape Tackwell Solvent Resistance and High Durability Product Information
Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Related Products Heat Release Related Series Heat Release Fin P-fin/N-fin, Heat Conductive Paste NT / NP, Thermal Release & Insulation Sheet KNDJ / SH / LM, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Grease GA, Thermal Conductive Grease CGW, Silicone Thermal Conductive Sheet PT, FEATHER, High Heat Conductive Sheet PT, Silicone-free Thermal Conductive Sheet SF Product Information
Ink for Coating / Adhesive Applications Inkjet Materials High Resolution 3D Printer (Inkjet) Material Printing size control ability in drop-on-demand. Product Information